World News Day | September 28, 2022

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World News Day is a global campaign to amplify the power and impact of fact-based journalism. This year, it will take place on Wednesday, September 28.  

World News Day’s organizers, The Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF) and WAN-IFRA’s World Editors Forum (WEF), expect more than 500 news organizations to use World News Day as a platform to demonstrate the value of fact-based journalism in effecting change.

The World News Day campaign will provide enhanced materials to help trusted global news organizations drive home the message that their Journalism Makes a Difference, and is worth promoting and defending.

To learn more about World News Day, please visit our FAQ page.

As the world around us grows more complex and crisis ridden, audiences seek out credible voices to help them make sense of developments. This is how professional newsrooms make a difference. They interpret events and help people join the dots, adding perspective and context. World News Day is a timely reminder of why good journalism matters.

Undoubtedly, journalism matters to every citizen of the world. Without facts, freedom and democracy can fail. Journalism at its best can — and does — make a difference in the lives of individuals, our communities, our countries, and the future of our planet. This year, on World News Day 2022, we celebrate the power of fact-based journalism to make a difference

Participating and supporting news organizations

Fact-based journalism is making a difference

More than 500 news organizations from around the world mark World News Day by demonstrating the power of journalism to make a difference. Here, you will find a selection of their most impactful stories:

New Zealand


Aotearoa New Zealand’s braided rivers are internationally significant, but they’ve been systematically strangled, and in some cases, have left behind zombie rivers. As climate change threatens to make the problems worse, some academics and scientists are re-imagining what it means to live with rivers.

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