Hamilton Spectator: More than a year after COVID outbreak claimed 20 lives, family wonders how Shalom Village can still fail provincial inspection

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To mark World News Day on September 28, 2022, the World News Day campaign is sharing stories that have had a significant social impact. This particular story, which was shared by the Hamilton Spectator, was first published on May 19, 2022.

Michelle Capriotti’s mother died in early 2021 during a COVID outbreak at the Westdale long-term care home; she wonders how the facility can still be flagged for not following ministry protocols for infection prevention in February 2022.

Michelle Capriotti threatened to bang on the windows of Shalom Village until someone helped her ailing mom. 

The Westdale long-term care home was in the midst of one of the city’s worst COVID outbreaks in December 2020 with no visitors allowed. Her formerly robust 79-year-old mom, Winnie Capriotti, was rapidly becoming increasingly ill with fever, chills and dehydration.  

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