World News Day | Frequently Asked Questions

What is World News Day?

  • World News Day is a global campaign to display support for journalists and their audiences, who using facts and understanding, make the world a better place.
  • On September 28, 2022, World News Day will highlight the critical importance of credible journalism in providing trustworthy information.
  • World News Day’s organizers, the World Editors Forum (WEF) and The Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF), aim to unite more than 500 news organizations to drive home the message that credible journalism matters if people are to make informed decisions about our future.

I run a newsroom. Why should we join?

  • World News Day is an opportunity to step back from the news cycle and promote the impact of your journalism — seen through the eyes of your audience and those who have been affected by it.
  • It is a moment to deepen the understanding of journalism’s role and its social impact.

Why is the focus of this year’s World News Day on the climate emergency?

  • Covid-19 taught us that we are all connected and it has shown how focused journalism can make a difference. We face a common threat in the degradation of our planet and it is a universal theme we can use to demonstrate why #JournalismMatters.

What is the connection to the International Day for Universal Access to Information (IDUAI)?

  • World News Day deliberately takes place on a day of great importance to journalists and civil society (September 28) — when we stress the value of credible information. Access to information is particularly important in confronting the climate emergency.

I want to participate. What do I need to do?

  • Send us an email agreeing to promote World News Day on September 28 to your audience. This can be through your editorial channels and/or social media networks. Or, better still, commit to holding your own audience-facing event — such as a webcast or forum.
  • We will add your logo to the cohort of participating newsrooms from all over the world. We are aiming for participation from more than 600 news organizations — up from more than 180 in 2020 and 500 in 2021.
    Ahead of World News Day, we will ask you to share with us one piece of your best (and timeless) pieces of journalism that shows your social impact. This will be collated and published on the World News Day website on September 28 as part of a global showcase of journalism that matters.
  • We will share with all participating newsrooms, ahead of World News Day, a selection of editorial articles and marketing materials around the theme. This will allow you to publish a special feature or supplement on World News Day and co-ordinate your own marketing campaign.

Who is behind World News Day?